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Dr. Tammy is an holistic practitioner who is journeying her patients to health and life freedoms.  Her passion is creating flow to her patients minds, hearts and bodies for limitless possibilities in their health, life, careers, relationships, parenting, and mindset.  


She has physically treated hundreds of patients in her career in NYC, NJ, CT, and CO.  She also has a telemedicine practice where she's able to work with patients remotely.

She has been blessed to have treated professional athletes and dancers, artists, Fortune 500 company CEOs and CFOs, survivors and family survivors of 9/11, couples trying to conceive, chronic illness, stress and overwhelm from divorce, and many pain, and injury related conditions.  


She has a plethora of healing modalities in her abundant training where she can guide her patient to shift their thoughts, emotions, and feelings to create a future self of health and well-being, whether on or off the table.


Dr. Tammy is a doctor of acupunctue, board certified Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Certified Practitioner (IFMCP), board certified licensed acupuncturist, licensed massage therapist, energy worker, meditation specialist, certified yoga instructor, certified nutritional consultant, and clinical nutritionist. Her passion is for patients to attain an energetic balanced state of health and well being.

In her acupuncture, massage, yoga, and meditative modalities she optimizes her patients elevated state of healing through balancing energy (QI) frequencies.  With the knowledge from the patients stress response, environment, pain, relationships, emotions from thoughts and feelings, past beliefs, and life choices, she is able to download a conscious awareness to an individualized treatment plan specific to each patient.  This information facilitates the intelligence from her trainings to create a balance of wholeness in the energy systems of her patients.  This allows the space for the reconditioning of the emotional and physical environment of the patient. She fuses her treatments from a coherent centering of their heart, then moves onto the mind, and body.    


In her functional and nutritional medicine philosophies she will investigative patient-centered lifestyle techniques and factors, identify opportunistic environmental contributors, open the focus on past traumas to recondition the mind, body, and heart, shed light on genetics and epigenetics, and ascertain ways to gain metabolic, energetic, and nutritional optimization.

Each patient will be assessed for a different approach to treatment for wholeness to take place. She will work with her patients as a team to harmonize mind, body, and heart to change the genetic destiny. Her research and patient demographic have demonstrated that 70-80% of the population is living under high stress.  When we are stressed the body becomes out of balance. This allows the over-thinking, analytical brain to control the energy and dysregulate the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS regulates the internal physiological processes we don’t consciously think about. When our bodies move into that program, the state of the heart, body, mind, and spirit do not have the energy to keep the body well and whole. 


Dr. Tammy's prescription is, change your energy, change your life.

She has complemented her two certified functional medicine training programs with her over twenty-five years of yoga, Tai-Chi and hands on massage and bodywork training, and more recently, her meditation specialization to harmonize the bodies energies systems and facilitate a synergistic healing approach to take place with her patients. 

When Dr. Tammy practices functional medicine, she personalizes the medicine to explore the root cause of disease instead of treating symptoms. She has fused the biomedical model along with the heart-mind-body connection to produce the most abundant healing benefits in her patients.  She uses functional medicine to help you find systemic solutions to the cause of your health anomaly. She will be the detective on the nutritional, genetic, environmental, physiological, neurochemical, and biochemical imbalances that may be making you feel unwell. 

Dr. Tammy will search for underlying triggers that are contributing to your disharmony through innovative testing, lifestyle modifications, epigenetics, and neuroscience to customize the intervention to your specific needs as an individual.  Dr. Tammy then merges the information with physical, emotional, and chemical environments of the patient to produce mind, heart, and body coherence outcomes.


She may use nutrition, acupuncture, massage, yogic breath, mindfulness, meditation, energy balancing, movement, visualization, stress modulation, sleep efficiency, supplements, relationship evaluations, and lifestyle changes to treat your disharmony, but will seek the most nurturing way to help your body restore balance. She seeks to promote wellness and create personal worthiness in patients to feel whole, healthy, balanced, and a joy for life, and their existence.

dr. tammy's mission

At Soaringsun Health & Acupuncture, we believe that you can achieve optimal health, wholeness, and abundance regardless of limiting health and body beliefs, personal limitations, and the lack of the joy for life.  We build on our philosophy that human transformation is possible by being given an opportunity to step beyond our limitations and embrace a new mind and heart centered approach to overcome ourselves.  We strive to create an environment filled with love, patience, compassion, truth, coherence, understanding, and kindness. As we listen carefully to how you want to change yourself, your health, and your life, we partner with you to create a personalized treatment plan focused on treating the root cause of a limitation and empowering your mind, heart, and body to a new consciousness which facilitates the innate healing process that may stretch patients beyonds their limits of what they thought was possible and emerge into a transformation of the new self.