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Finally Live Pain Free!
     Transform Your Health and Life Regardless of
Autoimmune Conditio

be empowered.
be limitless. be free.

eliminate pain from the inside-out

are you suffering from the following?

Brain Fog
Diarrhea, Constipation and Bloating
Weakened Immune System
Weight Gain and Belly Fat
Low Sex Drive

stop masking your symptoms
Go from pain to relief, stress to calm, frustration to support.

An Innovative Approach to Freedom.


remove. reset. repair. rebalance = resilience

Family at a Beach

Develop Meaningful


It starts with you...

 Inspire the greatest expression of yourself with emotional fitness and forgiveness of yourself and others.

Woman wearing rings

Balance Reproductive and Hormone Heath

Observe, learn, and self

correct with compassion and care to regulate your terrain through nutrition, 

parasympathetic repair, and handling past and present stress.


Generate Calm

and Serenity

Master yourself physically, emotionally, and chemically from a heart-centered approach to create a lifetime of peace and serenity.

do you have symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety? 

  • Are you concerned about your pain and inflammation, especially when you haven’t had an injury?

  • Do you have gut and digestive problems or complications?  

  • Do you notice you get anxious, worried, or agitated? 

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Does your mind race at night? 

  • Are you diagnosed with an autoimmune disease?

​These all could be symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety.
Soaringsun Health and Acupuncture has a pathway to wholeness.

Balanced Objects

Reverse Aging and Stress Pathways

Become conscious of old thoughts, feelings, and actions by changing your beliefs and behaviors to create new chemicals for health, wholeness, and resilence.


Women Road Biking

Create Ease,

Flow, and Relief 

Connect with your mind, heart, and body to create a flow state though conscious thought and movement to generate ergonomical, visceral, and organ harmony.

Diet Plan