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transformational life and health advocate

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health and life advocate

 Transformational Life and Health Advocate 

Dr. Tammy serves you on your personal journey to be unlimited in your life.  She journeys with you to attain your life, health, goals, and future.  Her passion is creating life and wellness outcomes by guiding clients to manifest the right mindset, redirecting thought patterns, discovering clarity, building and utilizing your strengths, and moving through the processes of YOUR life to create a new one.  She shares her heart with compassion and care to help you believe and create yourself.  Together, you produce new downloads for more possibilities and opportunities in your life.

She creates nurturing relationships with her clients that hold space for openness and sharing.  Her passion is to cultivate authentic listening, to serve her patients to understand their challenges, and to create new personal realities around gratitude, appreciation, and love of oneself and others.  She then creates personalized content that empowers you to be able to ask guiding and introspective questions, to think and feel differently, and to transforming limiting beliefs about yourself.  

She teaches her patients mindfulness and reflective practices such as breath work and guided meditation to get her patient in parasympathetic repair (calm, relaxed, rested, and digested) place to assimilate new information.  This response allows for the expansion of views and beliefs. This idea is integrated into neural-transformation shifts and metacognition with coaching, gentle hypnosis, sound wave therapy (at home or onsite), binaural beats (at home or onsite), light and magnetic therapy (at home on site), and mirroring to veer current thought patterns and clear blocks that prevent you from considering your future self.  

She dig deeps with her patients and creates a changed mindset that turns the minds Rubik’s Cube from scattered, fearful, angry, worried, impatient, victimized, with unworthy thoughts, actions, and feelings into heart and mind coherence. She does this by guiding patients to move forward with gratitude, appreciation, love, compassion, care, joy, inspiration, and excitement about a new life.  She guides patients with, personalized life personal reality optimization, mind movies, and mental rehearsal.  This builds on the neural plasticity and brain elasticity, which involves adaptive structural and functional changes in the brain of her patients by helping them develop a sense of purpose and worthiness

Dr. Tammy works with her patients in-person in Evergreen, CO, online, and by phone consultation.     

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