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get pregnant over 40 with the paleo pregnancy program

Happy Baby

the baby blueprint

 Aligning the mind, heart, and body for conception 

Dr. Tammy has created "Get Pregnant Over 40". Dr Robert Floyd ( and Dr Tammy created the paleo pregnancy formula to help you navigate your preconception, conception, and post pregnancy outcomes. For those of us that aren't lucky enough to be Fertile Myrtle, there is a way...

At 37, Dr Tammy had her first child, Morgan, without any conception issues. She does wish that she would have been better about planning for her pregnancy before hand. She didn't think preparing her mind, heart, and body for this conception was what she needed to do to create the best outcome but after having her third child she knows that she could have had an easier delivery and pregnancy if she was aligned with her self love and compassion for herself.

Did you know that 50% of all pregnancies are unplanned in the US?  

In retrospect, she would of dialed in her lifestyle for the following: a healthy relationship with herself for self-care and nurturing, aligning her exercise and movement, sleep hygiene, mindfulness to mitigate the worry, fear, control,, and judgement that ran through her head, and her nutrition.  She had complications during her pregnancy with Morgan. She intended a natural child birth but ended up in labor for over 48 hours even with a doula.  She ended up have an emergency C-section and was grateful for a healthy outcome of her beautiful little girl.  Deep down she wondered why she couldn't dial in her expected outcome.  She learned that many of her patients have shared that are able to get pregnant but then they have complications during the pregnancy and with the labor. She started to realize there was a pattern forming but didn't have the bandwidth to process it.


A year later and half later, she had issues staying pregnant.  She had miscarriage after miscarriage. She knew she was out of alignment with her heart, mind, and body but couldn't figure out the Rubik's cube.  She had the belief that she could have another baby. With the love from the heavens above and the universe having her back, she became pregnant with her son, Logan. She didn't have any complications until the 6th month. Then it was contractions and an acute illness that had her concerned. At that time, the OB/GYN said that she needed a cerclage to keep me her from prolapsing. She agreed, but then that caused a host of other issues.  In the end, she ended up delivering Logan prematurely. The doctors were unable to save him.  That day was the most devastating day of her life. She shares that when she lost her son, she lost a part of herself that would be changed forever. April 24, 2014, Dr Tammy lost apart of herself that she'll never be able to have. She made a promise to herself that she needed to figure out what was happening with her mind, body and heart.

She found functional medicine (FM), mindfulness and meditation. The medicine of looking at lifestyle and what your choices have done to your health is functional medicine. FM also looks at genetics, speciality labs and layers of ones health history to see patterns in the blue print to take a deep dive into personal health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness and meditation are looking at how you handle every days stress -thoughts/emotions, and subconscious programming, which has more to do with your health than you think and believe it does. Mind and emotions over matter, is Dr Tammy's remedy.

She looked into possible causative factors and autoimmune disease was a significant factor, but still overlooked at that time. The more she educated herself, the more she made changes in her life. Thankfully, it was enough to align her body with the right formula for conception. Even when two fertility doctors said she'd never get and stay pregnant, naturally.

Please be kind to yourself, take time for self-care and love, and believe in your future self with a family.

She has formulated "Get Pregnant Over 40" that empowers women, men, and families to create the life and family they want. The Paleo Pregnancy Program is how Dr Floyd and Dr Tammy get you there.  Book your discovery call to learn more.  We don't treat, diagnosis, ore cure disease. We are here to share our knowledge and information to guide you on creating the best life, body and future for the life you deserve.

Book your 15-minute complementary call to learn about our holistic, Paleo Pregnancy Program to create the family you desire.

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